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Hydrohammer pick wedge

Клин пики гидромолотаPick wedge is an important part of a hydrohammer which can be installed on the excavator right on the building site. There is a set of names for designation of this construction detail such as finger of the working tool, picks finger, and the fixing finger.

To prevent a detachment of the working tool , the fixing finger is implanted through an opening of the hydrohammer cylinder and a groove of the replaceable tool.

We strictly keep up with geometry and hardness of hydrohammer spare parts. Hydrohammer pick wedges are made with high admissions that provides dense landing of details in hydrohammer. If the gap between a fixing finger and an opening of the cylinder of a hydrohammer is too big, then a finger will move there and back, with a loud blowing sound. Continuous blows of a finger can lead to breakage of the cylinder of a hydrohammer.

Hydraulic hammers can be equipped with various models of cylinders. For this reason each hydrohammer pick wedge has to be made according to cylinder model.

For you it will be enough to provide us the drawing of the pick, or a sample of the broken wedge, and we will make a necessary wedge of the tool in the shortest possible time. The set of hydrohammer pick wedge is completed with clamps.

Phones: +38 (0562) 31-38-49, +38 (056) 370-47-98