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Excavator bucket

Ковш экскаватораThe most demanded of the hinged equipment for the excavator are the buckets which are applied to loading/unloading of different raw materials and materials in agricultural industry, construction and other industries. "Gear" buckets are especially good, with their help it is possible to process quickly and effectively any soil, having excluded premature depreciation of the working tool.

TM "MOLE" represents buckets for small and average excavators. Buckets are made with special technology of high-strength high-quality steel, the cutting knife and side edges are from Hardox steel, cogs - from the leading producers. On the last production stage the buckets are covered with anticorrosive covering with the subsequent painting. We also produce buckets according to individual drawings or samples.

When you order buckets from "MOLE" TM, our design engineer will make measurements  of bucket  for free. Installation of bucket on excavator can be performed by mechanics of any enterprise, because this operation does not require special skills and knowledge.

If you will need some consultation concerning the bucket installation, our specialists will be ready to assist anytime.

Phones: +38 (0562) 31-38-49, +38 (056) 370-47-98