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tm mole

Hydrohammer pick

The Mole trademark represents a broad range of the high-quality tool for domestic and foreign hydraulic hammers of various models that are currently in worldwide use.

Hydrohammer pick -  is made taking into account the last technological achievements in order that the received products satisfy to the high quality standards.

Our own production which is based on JSC Dnepr Engineering Plant (which is one of leaders of tool production on post-soviet area) allows implementing the accumulated experience to achieve best results.

TM Mole makes hydrohammer peaks, wedges of the high-alloyed steel delivered by the special order directly from the metallurgical entity. Steel is developed taking into account great experience of operation in mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine, and exceeds all foreign analogs.

Special procedure of acceptance of material guarantees stability of its chemical composition, lack of inclusions and structure uniformity.

The technology of heat treatment developed by specialists of the company provides uniform fine-grained structure of steel, excellent indicators of impact strength and firmness of hydrohammer pick to attrition.

We practice quality control of the replaceable tool. It is exercised by repeated measurement of full length hardness of the tool. All production process with its numerous intermediate checks guarantees steadily high quality and long service life of produced working tool.

You can purchase  hydrohammer pick by contacting our manager and informing about kind of model of your hydrohammer, or by filling  the web form of the replaceable tool.

Phones: +38 (0562) 31-38-49, +38 (056) 370-47-98