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tm mole

Hydrohammer pin

The hydrohammer is the important device intended for destruction or building constructions. Usually it is used with excavators or road levellers. The coupling pin for hydrohammer, also known as a coupling bolt, is intended for connection of all main parts of its frame.

Quality of a finished pin depends on technology of heat treatment which allows to achieve higher mechanical durability and longer service time. Comparing to the similar products presented at the market TM Mole service time of our tie-rod hydraulic breaker is 30-50% more.

Today TM Mole does everything possible for satisfaction of high requirements of our customers. Our steel tie rods are established and successfully serve to various brands and models of hydrohammers. We are always glad and open to new cooperation!

Phones: +38 (0562) 31-38-49, +38 (056) 370-47-98